Healthcare TV

Digital Integration Systems (DIS) deliver customised digital solutions to one or many LCD screens in designated locations throughout the country.

This information can be can be remotely updated with appropriate health information and channelled from central control to outline clinics in health services.
e.g. pre flu season vaccination times and venues.

Community TV in Healthcare

Our digital signage is often used to present a custom-tailored content mix, of important information and notices within any company, institution or organisation.

In Ireland, whether it’s a large hospital, a physician’s office or a primary care centre, the waiting room is the first point of contact when it comes to patient engagement.

Communication in Healthcare

Now administrators and providers see that the waiting room remains a powerful space in which patient’s mindset can change. 
Patients are more open and more focused on care for themselves and for their family. 
Digital information channels offer incredible opportunity to communicate directly to patients when delivering health platforms.
This awareness strategy can easily be measured as to questions the patient asks the physician at time of consultation. 
Turning this knowledge into action requires an awareness and shift that patients are making in their everyday lives. This information has previously been attempted through magazines, pamphlets and flyers can now be augmented in ways that are proven to be effective and enjoyable for the patient.

Outline Clinics & Primary Care Centres

Health executive services (HSE) are in the process of rolling out primary care centres throughout Ireland.

Should a primary care centre carry out specific treatments then this information can be digitally displayed in the waiting rooms, patients then can know which primary care centre to go, rather than the emergency department in hospitals.

Our branded digital channels are wall mounted in each establishment, which presents entertaining and relevant information content, as well as local community news and business updates all part of our ever growing community.

The fact that content is local and engaging, studies have shown that patients perceived waiting times are no longer an issue.

Rather than displaying posters, or bulletin cards our cutting edge visual communication solutions attracts patients attention and generates a better memory retention.

HealthCare Centres

Our digital branded channels display targeted information to a specific audience at specific places and on time.

Relative to traditional signage digital messages can be easily customized, changed out quickly and delivered many displays at once. Our digital branded channels are mounted on the wall of each establishment.

The digital information can be an in-clinic based service giving physicians, staff and patients a dynamic billboard in their waiting room to effectively interact with their patients.

As well as essential and informative Healthcare information, each screen will carry Local News & Sports from the local community.

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