Terry Sheil Master Floor Layer

Terry Sheil Master Floor Layer

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We also a wide range of flooring services

Installing Sanding/ Rejuvenating ( dust free sanding)

Polishing/ Waxing and Lacquering


About Us


There’s no substitute for experience, when it comes to delivering the perfect finished project.

So says Master floor layer Terry Sheil and founder member of Terry Sheil Master floor layer in Tullamore.

Terry covers many counties throughout Ireland, like Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Westmeath and his native Offaly.

As a master floor layer and with over twenty five years of experience behind him, Terry is very conscious that quality workmanship is the key to his continued success.

His company specialises installing, sanding, rejuvenating, lacquering and polishing so that each project whether it’s domestic or commercial will be completed on time and to the individual needs.

Unlike other floor layers Terry’s company as a master floor layer is qualified in all aspects of flooring e.g. aftercare knowing that professionally fitted it will last a lifetime.



We also a wide range of flooring services

Installing Sanding/ Rejuvenating ( dust free sanding)

Polishing/ Waxing and Lacquering

Odourless Finish

Specialising in Domestic/ Commercial

Private House, Bars, Hotels, Schools and Factories.

From contemporary to classic styles, Terry Sheil master floor layer can install the perfect finishing touch to your property. He also ensures that the finish project has the right time to settle, expand and breathe. The floor you’ll get is the floor you wanted.

Our quality renovation service promises to return your flooring back to its former glory and give your floors a timeless ambience.

Professional Flooring installer with 20 years experience
Full restoration service – Parquet/Wood Floor Installations – Professional Sanding – Finishes



We install and work on a with a large range different flooring in order to meet each specific customer requirements.

We have installed hardwood, softwood cladding, decking and all internal finishing’s such as skirting and beadings are fitted.



A solid wooden floor is extremely durable and hard wearing. There are many ancient floors around which are still in pristine condition. A solid wooden floor is recommended for areas of high traffic such as a busy family home as it lasts for generations. The floor can be re-sanded in years to come to look like new again.

Aftercare and maintenance

We will advise you on maintenance product and cleaning solutions if you want to keep your floor in pristine condition.

Floors should be kept clean and free from grit. It’s advisable that areas such as kitchens and hallways are repolished yearly. Call Terry Sheil master floor layer for an estimate,



Protection Agency has said that hardwood flooring gives you several benefits compared to carpeting. Hardwood flooring does not trap mites, moulds that may cause respiratory problems such as asthma or allergies. This is bound to have an overall effect on your family’s health.

Potential buyers can see it as an investment by not having to rip up carpets and it’s much easier to keep clean.

Timber flooring offers an inherent beauty to one’s home and it increases the saleability at the same time.



When you have an inquiry you can contact Terry by phone (087 2476729) or email terrysheil@gmail.com.

Should you not get answer it’s probable that I’m working on-site and I will call you back as soon as possible?